Moving Insurance

Unfortunately, despite great care, there is always the remote possibility that some damage may occur. We, at Smooth Movers, insure the goods of all of our customers. The standard liability for all licensed movers is $0.60 per pound per article. However, additional insurance can be secured at a rate of $10.00 per $1000.00 of declared value. A minimum fee of $30.00 is required, which covers up to $3000.00 of goods valuation.

If you wish to purchase the minimum valuation insurance or higher, please ask the foreman for it before the job begins. Our movers are instructed to report any damage to you. Any claims that may arise due to damage of goods during a move should be immediately brought to the attention of our foreman. This should be followed by a letter within one week of the move. The letter should be mailed to our office, attention Claims Department.

Before securing additional insurance for your move you should be aware that most home-owner’s and renter’s insurance policies cover moving damages. Thus we always recommend that you check your home-owner’s or renter’s insurance policy prior to your move.

Licensing Information: USDOT 1073915  MC/ICC 914468

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